Platinum Pooch Pursuit Package

Platinum Pooch Pursuit Package


There is a tendency to walk dogs too quickly and for too long.

Time outside the home should allow dogs to be mentally stimulated, behave in normal behaviours such as exploration and interact with their environment, whilst effectively use their olfactory system.

This package is a variety of carefully planned rural, beach or mountain pursuits with a variety of bespoke sensory, mentally stimulating enrichment activities, tracking and games, dependent on the needs and breed of your dog.

These adventures tend to take place in school holidays.

Package details

Initial meeting with you and your dog so we can complete a detailed questionnaire of his or her individual health, needs and interests

Your dog will be gently greeted in the home and helped to be comfortable and calm before travel

Regular members may have own personalized bed, treats and suitably sized cage within transport

A first aid professional accompanies your dog and can give medication

Your dog is returned to your home at the end of the adventure, provided with clean water and a healthy chew and settled.

Paws, stomachs and mouth areas gently washed, shampooed and dried as per latest Alabama Rot advice.

Photos and behaviour feedback on your pooch during and after each pursuit

Positive reinforcement and gentle, reward based training within all walks to support neuroplasticity and continued socialization ie exposure to many different people, experiences, objects, environments.


  • From £20 per dog for one session
  • 5 day discount
  • Same family discount
  • Around 2 hours away from home

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