Platinum Pooch Pursuit Package

Platinum Pooch Pursuit Package


There is a tendency to walk dogs too quickly and for too long.

Research shows most breeds only need 45 mins of exercise in a session. We have found this to be true with most large and small breeds if they have the right walks created for their individual needs in terms of pace, energy levels, health and breed

Time outside the home should allow dogs to be mentally stimulated, behave in normal behaviours such as exploration and interact with their environment, whilst effectively use their olfactory system.

Package details

This package is personalised around your pooch and includes:

-a detailed assessment in your home so your dog is relaxed & we can hear all about his or her needs

-sensory, cognitive & other interactive activities for holistic enrichment

-basic or puppy agility

-puppy development


-training reinforcement & support

-appropriate physical activity

-feedback each eve

-pick up and return in bespoke cages and individual safe beds

-Solo or paired-no group walks

Positive reinforcement and gentle, reward based training within all walks to support neuroplasticity and continued socialization ie exposure to many different people, experiences, objects, environments.


  • From £25 per dog
  • Same family discount
  • 45 minutes

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