Personalised Platinum Pooch Sleepovers


Many dogs get stressed or traumatised in kennels or daycare. We wanted to help and were inspected and provided with a full licence.

We can offer the chance for sleepovers for a couple of small or medium dogs or puppies to stay over as part of our family of 2 adults and female cockapoos, from Jun 2019. There are no children living in the house.

They will be part of our walks with only our dogs but also have individualised enrichment and activities that suit his or her needs. It is important to keep puppies with their litter and/or other dogs until they are at least 6-8 weeks old.

This package consists of travel to and from your house unless the distance is more than 13 miles from Newport, daily play, walks, interaction, enrichment and company.

This package consists of 1-21 days stay and prices are from £30 per night per night but discounts are available for 2 from the same household.

Package details

Your dog will have a daily behaviour assessment

Individualised mental and physical enrichment plan based on your dog's bespoke needs and favourite activities.

A variety of play activities based on your dog's breed.

You will receive a photo and feedback daily so you are happy he or she is safe and stress free.

We will try and keep your dog's own routines as much as possible including where he or she sleeps to avoid any anxiety.

A separate crate in a quiet room can also be provided.


  • From £30 per night per dog

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