Personalised Platinum Pooch Pop Ins

Personalised Platinum Pooch Pop Ins


With the right care, enrichment and support, any dog can enjoy a very happy, healthy life.

The Animal Welfare Act explains the importance of dogs having suitable companionship and the opportunity to display normal behaviours.

This package consists of a 30 minute enrichment visit each day in your home which will focus on meeting your individual dog's needs.

Package details

This package is personalised around your pooch, whether he or she is a puppy, pensioner, poorly or just needing play and includes:

-a free meeting in your home so your dog is relaxed & we can hear all about his or her needs

-sensory, cognitive & other interactive activities for holistic enrichment

-basic or puppy agility

-puppy development

-pensioner health support

-socialisation occasionally as needed

-training reinforcement & support

-appropriate physical activity

-feedback each eve

-Your dog's bed can be changed if no longer dry and fresh food using interactive feeding toys and water supplied.

The session lasts for 30 minutes to ensure your dog can get the utmost fulfilment


  • From £20 per dog for 30 minutes
  • Discounts for extra dog in same family
  • Before 8am or after 6pm or weekend days, from £30
  • 1 x 30 min visit

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