How Are We Different?

You may feel like we did - you really love your dog but can't find the highly qualified, skilled, licensed and trained professionals you could trust.

You want a canine specialist who will not only totally focus on your dog, frequently interact with him, plan for his individual needs and keep him safe and stress free but also help train, develop and socialise him without any force. You also want to know what your dog has learnt, what he has been up to and what areas will be focused on next through videos and detailed feedback rather than worry he has just been for a 10 minute lead walk.

If you are like us, you are worried by dog walkers who seem to have loads of dogs running around them or out of control and do not want this for your own pup. Pet insurance tends to insure up to 6 dogs only being taken out at a time but despite this vital insurance, we feel that solo or appropriate pairing or trios are the best method so each dog gets the most out of the experience. We do not agree with forceful, old fashioned dominance style training and believe in gentle training through games.

If you are like us, you can finally stop searching as Pooch on a Pedestal is very different. We have transferred our significant skills from working very successfully as senior leadership teachers to our other lifelong passion - domestic dogs. Both children and dogs respond successfully to individual support, exciting activities, positive encouragement, learning suited to ability and rewards.

We have supported 1000's of children and young people of all abilities, personalities and backgrounds progress as well rounded, happier, qualified young adults.

We now support the holistic needs of dogs and plan the personalised learning, sensory, developmental and physical experiences they need and deserve through our platinum packages

We are proud to be the ONLY dog walkers accepted in the Pet Professionals Guild in this area. We have been licensed by Newport Council to home board-this is vital as unlicensed companies are not inspected, not checked for fire precautions, not checked for qualifications, not checked for numbers and often not safe.

Our Experience & Qualifications


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