Platinum Pensioner Pooch Package

Platinum Pensioner Pooch Package


With the right care, a senior dog can experience a very happy, healthy life.

However bodily functions may slow or malfunction and senses eventually deteriorate.

Older dogs are prone to a number of medical conditions, the signs of which can be subtle.

These should be monitored as many are treatable.

This package consists of 2 x 30 minute enrichment visits each day in your home.

Package details

Your dog will have health warning signs monitored daily

Behaviour assessment daily

Medication can be given if you wish

Photo and feedback provided for you daily

During the 2 carefully planned visits, your dog will enjoy gentle activities to meet his or her needs.

Bespoke enrichment plan for your dog including modified mental, physical and sensory stimulation with a focus on scent work.

Your dog's bed can be changed if no longer dry and fresh food using interactive feeding toys and water supplied.

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  • From £20 per dog
  • Discounts for extra dog in same family
  • Before 8am or after 6pm or weekend days, from £30
  • 2 x 30 min visit

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